Year 7 Catch Up Premium

Spending of the Year 7 Catch-Up Premium

What is ‘Catch-Up’ premium?

Catch-Up premium is a grant given to schools and academies who have students join them in Year 7 who have not reached the expected age related level (an old 4b in old national curriculum speak) in English and mathematics required to access secondary curriculum. The funding is to provide students with the necessary materials to enable them to catch up.


Our objective is to support identified Year 7 students in securing aspirational rates of progress in English and mathematics to allow them to ‘close the gap’ with their peers. The ‘Catch-Up’ Premium Funding has been used for targeted support to raise attainment and progress of these particular students. Progress of these students is carefully monitored to ensure that the interventions are having an impact.

Summary of Spending

If you would like to view the Summary of Spending, and how the Catch-Up Premium is used, please open and read the following pdf.